About Our Superb Quality Handmade Items

A Variety of Handcrafted Styles

Every tallis made is a one-of-a-kind. Any embroidery is done by hand. I have a large selection of fabrics in my inventory. I have silks in dozens of jewel-tone colors, quilting-quality cottons, synthetics and limited wool.

Construction and Materials

I can make kippot/yarmulkes crocheted Israeli style, from fabric, and Sephardic style (pillbox). All tallis bags are lined and have zippers. I can also make mizrachs and decorative vests. The mazel tov bags are specifically for holding the glass goblet to be crushed at the end of the wedding ceremony (the goblet is not included).

A variety of Judaica

Included in my line of Judaica are challah covers, matzoh covers, mazel tov bags, chuppahs and torah covers. Not shown are baby and all occasion commemoratives that can be matted and framed, or made into pillows. My all occasion pillows are very elaborate, as you'll see in the photo gallery.

Pricing and Customer Satisfaction

star embroidery detailPrices for tallises are settled not by the hour but by the job. The more detailed and elaborate the work, the higher the price. The beginning prices for my ready-to-wear tallises, alone are $100, but if you add a matching silk bag and kippah/yarmulke the price is $150. For custom tallises, the prices start around $165 for cotton or synthetics, and silk or wool starts at $185 and up.

If I don't have a fabric or color you want, we go shopping together to find what you do want.

If you have any questions, either email me at LKR_48@yahoo.com or call me at ( 626) 447-7252. Thanks for your business.

Linda Rourman