Challah Covers, Matzoh Covers, and Mazel Tov Bags

These items are finished and ready to be used. All challah covers are made from quilting-quality cotton.

Ready-made Challa Covers

Ready-made Matzoh Covers and Afikomen Bags

Custom Matzoh and Challah Covers

These custom matzoh and challah covers are done in Jewish Yemenite stitchery. The colors you see are traditional Yemenite tribal colors, but can be changed to any colors the customer chooses. Also, family names can be embroidered and added around the sides.

Custom Mazel Tov Bags

This will include the bride and groom's names and the wedding date. The antique lace is subject to change. Glass goblet is not included.

Call or email me to work together on a design for you.